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I can’t believe it’s already been two months since moving to Bethesda to begin Fourth Fellows!

Although I began my internship early (in June), I was unsuspecting of the women in my cohort with whom I would be living, praying, and working with until I arrived.

Prior to Fellows, I attended Wake Forest University, a small liberal arts college in Winston-Salem, NC, where I majored in Math and Computer Science. During quarantine, I lived at home with my mom in Lexington, NC. After the slow and rhythmic routine of the past six months, three major things have stood out in their impact since embarking on the nine-month adventure of Fellows.

Although I knew that Fellows would be busy, I did not realize how much this would force a dependence to ask for daily bread from the Lord. Our schedules have been filled with so many rich and good things, and I have found myself each morning asking the Lord to sustain me and teach me that day. It has been awesome to see the ways in which he has shown up and to note the difference in my days when I don’t surrender the day’s work to him.

As I mentioned above, I started my internship in June. I work for an anti-sex trafficking organization based out of Arlington, VA, performing data analysis and software engineering. In the fall of my senior year, I was wrestling whether or not to pursue a job in consulting or doing the Fourth Fellows program. Over several weeks, God made it incredibly clear to me that I should choose to do Fourth Fellows; a couple short months later, I got my dream job placement at a company that I never would have found had Fourth not given me the connection. Dave and Jennifer (and the work placement committee) were able to find a job that combines my deepest passions with my God-given abilities.

Finally, the program has not only brought me five new women to do life with, but it has also created an environment that cultivates depth of conversation across a wide range of topics. Between tea times for those that are working from home, to roundtable dinner discussions, to topics covered in our seminary classes, I have loved unpacking what we are all learning with one another. We are growing and understanding together the implications that these learned things have on our lives.

I am so thankful for the past two months and all the more thrilled to see what the next seven bring! All glory be to God.

Elizabeth Dicus

Author Elizabeth Dicus

Fourth Fellows Class 2020-21 Graduate of Wake Forest University

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